Tricks to Add More Bounce and Volume to your Hair

Tricks to Add More Bounce and Volume to your Hair

Voluminous hairs have always been in demand because of the styles and the looks that could be created out of it. But not everyone is blessed with healthy volume; however it matters no more as you have got the various tricks through which you could make your hairs bounce more and look healthier. So is it really possible that with some of the easy tricks we could actually insert more volume to the hairs? Hair salon Frisco TX thinks so of course and to know how, you will have to read the hacks mentioned below;

Back Combing– Doesn’t sound that effective, but yes it actually is, as with this technique you could make your hairs look dramatically voluminous and bouncy, provided you carry on with the procedure in the appropriate way. For the perfect back combing technique, you need to section your hairs and below each section, use your comb and move it in the backward direction. This is exactly opposite to your usual way of combing your hairs. Use the same method on all the varied sections, and see the amazing results in one go.

Artificial Hair Puffs– Artificial hair puffs are made of the material that is soft and hair-like. It gets fit into your hairs very easily, and at the same time it provides the illusion of the real hair. With hair puffs you could actually give more bounce and bump to your natural hairs. This is one trick through which you could get rid of your flimsy hair, and at the same time you could make different hairstyle so suit your dressing.

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Stop Using Every Product You Come Across

Almost every product does what it claims to, but not in every case. Wrong usage or biological reactions may even result in hair loss. Go through the ingredients of each product carefully and use no more than one product at a time. This will help you figure out what’s best for your hair and what’s making you lose them.

Get a Haircut

First, let us point out that’s we’re not crazy. Haircuts can really help your hair ‘look like’ they’ve gained volume.

If you have long hair, getting a suitable haircut will result in greater shine and volume. Moreover, getting your hair cut in layers can add up to the volume. While a haircut certainly won’t help you grow more hair, a nice one will help your hair build an apparent volume.

Blow Dry Your Hair

Blow drying your hair and brushing them properly will provide an extra bulk in hair volume.

Doing this will keep your hair from sticking together and make your hair seem to have gained a massive amount of volume.

Color Them

Coloring your hair can also add a lot of hair volume. When you color your hair, your strands will absorb it and swell up. This can bring a significant increase in hair volume if done correctly. However, coloring your hair too often or using a product you might not be biologically compatible to might backfire.

Make sure you’re not allergic to any of the hair color ingredients.

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